In the studio

I started making my decorative woodland dolls after my sweet girl Alba was born. Inspired by memories of my grandmother, the creativity she passed down to me and the incredible talent she had with a needle and thread, I borrowed a sewing machine and taught myself to sew.

Crafting my endearing little characters has been a hugely fulfilling creative process - new ideas are forming in my mind constantly and it's a joy bringing them to life and a dream come true knowing they bring happiness to others. 

I'm still learning and evolving; seeing the individuality of each doll come alive as it's made is a joyful process and allows me to continue finding inspiration in nature, travel and fashion.

Based in the beautiful Kentish countryside, Thicket & Thimble is now a small team of makers, lovingly creating each doll entirely by hand, using noble and hand-dyed fibres and every doll is a limited edition design.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Rose x